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Ghostly Scenes of Infernal Desecration (was 6 flags over hell)

Photo blog surrounding events leading to and just soon after Survival Research Lab's San Jose show August 11 2006. This is our largest, no-holds barred, permitted show in the Bay Area in about a decade. The show is unofficially known as 6 Flags Over Hell until Mark blesses it with the usual SRL long title for big shows. Dante's Inferno is the theme for the show

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Revenge of the pipes, Self-immolating Flame Thrower Prop

Jonathan Moore makes a self-immolating flame thrower prop:

Bob isnt being really helpful while Mark tries to lift the Moriseiki by himself.

He decides to blow the spiders out the other side of our lovely metal pipe collection but the fire gets him in the face instead!

This is a prototype of Mark's wedding ring! Found amongst the pipes.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dante's Porn

Thanks to who lent us this amazing edition of Dante's Inferno with Gustave Dore illustrations published in 1861. Nina Alter is scanning in some of the illustrations to make huge backdrops for the machines. Normally a book like this would be pretty expen$ive but some wannabe artist, used it to learn how to sketch and embellished the margins with some interesting graffiti. But if this pseudo artist defaced the book in the 1700s as well, would it still be worth more than $10? Unlikely though as the modifications were done in ballpoint. Fountain pens were invented in 1822 though so the pr0n could still be quite old though unlikely...

How to practice drawing an erection

Here Liam sketches out plans to convert this 6 foot shark cage into a booth for robotic devil go-go dancers.

More geekery. Ralf Board team: Dave Johnson, Michael Shiloh, Karen Marcelo and Jonathan Moore working on servos for the Dual Mules

Big Walker Gets Some 103 ° Sun After 9 Shady Years

One of the bigger SRL machines, it was sort of complicated to pull out from where it was:

Mark moves the legs so it can be more easily pulled out:

Ironically, the last time the Big Walker was out, it was about 100° in Austin back in 1997. Today, it was about 100° in San Francisco and that's when we take it out after a 9 year hibernation in the shade!

You can see just how big this machine is with people standing next to it:

The shop looks bigger with the Big Walker out of there:

Despite hanging around this place for about 11 years, I've never seen this machine before! It's got a flat.