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An SRL End of Days Production

Presented by Zero One/ISEA

As part of the 13th International Symposium for Electronic Arts festivities, SRL will be giving a RARE large scale performance in San Jose this August.

Day:               Friday
Time:              10:30pm (or pyro-clock)
Location:          behind South Hall (435 South Market St San Jose)
Ticket Price:      SOLD OUT!  $25  Purchase Tickets
Special Notes: Very Big, Very Loud, Very Exciting

Images and Video Clips

Pls direct media inquiries to markp at s   r   l .   o r   g

Pre-Show Setup
Show Images
Post Show
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Crew Credits

Image of ScrewMachine from Lilia Ahner
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From RE/Search V. Vale:
SRL (SURVIVAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES) presents its first full-bore, no-holds-barred, give 'em all you've got, Bay Area performance in over ten years! SRL shows are rare, and cannot be truly experienced by seeing a film or video... you need to see, hear, smell and feel the cataclysmic spectacle in person - "virtual" doesn't cut it.

From Zero One:
Some things are purely mythic like Survival Research Labs, which springs from the shell of abandoned buildings, monster robotic history, and fire. An interdisciplinary mash-up like no other, SRL, brings a newly conceived performance to ZeroOne San Jose full of its legendary machines, flame-throwers, and bombastic sound. Humans are only present as audience or operators; in this show it.s all about the machines. As described by founder Mark Pauline, an SRL performance is comprised of .ritualistic interactions between machines, robots, and special effects devices." Whatever else you call it, (and the title won.t be announced until just before the show), we call it big fun, exciting, and something you won.t want to miss. This one is definitely for more than the brainiac crowd . it.s monster machine, meets hovercraft, meets huge sculptural creatures, meets fire. See you there.

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