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Ghostly Scenes of Infernal Desecration (was 6 flags over hell)

Photo blog surrounding events leading to and just soon after Survival Research Lab's San Jose show August 11 2006. This is our largest, no-holds barred, permitted show in the Bay Area in about a decade. The show is unofficially known as 6 Flags Over Hell until Mark blesses it with the usual SRL long title for big shows. Dante's Inferno is the theme for the show

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Rumor Mill

Maybe it's more hip to require spoonfed information from a mole instead of fact-check for oneself these days but there was a silly rumor going around saying SRL was banning images and video of the event to be used on books, magazines, websites. How hilarious for writers to get righteously indignant over *SOMETHING THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN*. Har.

If this writer had entered the premises, he actually agreed to the totally reasonable request on a few signs that actually said "Photos, video, and audio of the event is permitted...." Now what band or venue says that! Though I guess it adds to SRL's rep for people to think we ask for something unreasonable and still be taken seriously enough that people whine about it no matter how ridiculous if they stopped to think.

Click for clearer version

Sign by Korntee!

Two signs like this were posted on the entrance to the event and each attendee received a handout saying the same thing. If they did not agree, they could have turned around and not watched the show. Though we suppose moles sneaking their way in have a high chance of getting things horribly wrong. There is a large buffer of SRL crew wannabes all too happy to claim their position in the organization to confuse people like that anyway. Maybe the mole had fun sneaking in and getting one up on Miss Babalou's security but the last laugh's on the mole for spreading bogus info :)


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