Track Robot

Track Robot with internet telerobotic attachment being tested in Tokyo, 1999 photo by Karen Marcelo


The Track Robot, similar to the devices used by police and military to defuse explosives, and the Button Panel machine with flailing arms, were constructed for the Japan event at the ICC. Using a tetherless control and video transmission system the Track Robot can be operated remotely through a standard internet browser window. The Button Panel device can relay control signals through a serial port to other machines. More information on Track Robot web interface here.


The Track Robot is controlled remotely via Futaba or over the internet using a tetherless control and video transmission system. At a height of approx. three feet, it moves on two rubber tank-style treads that enable it to proceed slowly and independently across a variety of surfaces, and around tight corners. Powered by 24-volt batteries; the front end is mounted with small metal pinchers that are a slow-moving clutching hand. Can hold a cup of coffee or grab a leg.


Track Robot Build and Maintenance Log


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