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Stationary Machines
Flame Hurricane
5 150 lb thrust Pulse Jet engines produce a rapidly rotating column of hot, high velocity hurricane-like fire
Little Arm
The small arm (12 ft. long) *usually* on the Screw Machine. It can be controlled remotely by a human via the arm controller (gesture based interface).
Shockwave Cannon
This giant stationary device forms vortex rings of air and projects the rings at high speeds.
Hand O God
The Hand-O-God is a giant spring loaded hand cocked by a hydraulic cylinder with 8 tons of pressure. It was finished in April 97 and debuted at the SRL event in Austin, attached to the Remote Controlled Bomb Loader. It was recently modified to enhance its bone-crushing powers.
Flame Whistle/Boeing
The Boeing Jet was modified for the Austin event by the addition of a large police whistle. Fuel injectors were added along with an ignition system, therby creating the loudest flamethrower in history.
Air Launcher
A high pressure tele-operated launcher that uses bursts of air to project weighted soda pop cans with a range of 1 mile at 500 mph.
Shoots molten metal up to about 500 yards via 20,000 volts using the Lorentz principle to achieve that effect.
Mumbly Peg Stabber
CRS A255 Robot Arm re-programmed with new stabbing, thrusting behaviors.
New Mr. Satan
Based on the original Mr. Satan robot from the 1980s, the head of the original was 3D-scanned and milled out of a 300 lb block of solid stainless steel. There is a furnace attached to it from behind where flames can be blown out threw the heads 'eyes' and 'mouth'. It will be attached to the Bombloader.
Large Pulse Jets
5 150 pound thrust pulse jet engines that can be used by themselves or as part of the SRL Flame Hurricane
Williams Jet
The engine is part of an Auxillary Power Unit (APU) NAVAIR 03-105BD-1, manufactured by Williams Research (now Williams International ) to start aircraft. The APU has all the components onboard to start, run, and continue running for the duration of time it is needed. These include a fuel control, lubrication system with reservoir tank and integral lubricant cooler, starting system, and electrical system. The starter is hydraulic, and would require a large "mule" (electric motor and hydraulic pump) to start the engine. A Mitsubishi car starter was attached to the engine so the hydraulic starter could be removed. Used at SRL shows for sound and flame effects.
Mobile Machines
A replica of a WWII German-designed buzz bomb jet engine, modified to produce low frequency acoustic output (45 hertz) rather than thrust. Valve intake assembly reconstruction done in November 2003.
Big Arm
One of the more complicated to run SRL machines requiring expert operator skills, this large machine is essentially a large remote-controlled arm that drags itself along using a triangulated back hoe that acts like a 'nose'.
The loudest robot in the world at 150 decibels. Louder than a cruise missile until it blows up.
Pitching Machine
Arguably the most dangerous machine ever fabricated at SRL. Going by the inocuous title of the Pitching Machine, this device when it was originally built, launched 6 foot 2"x4"s at a velocity of 120 mph. This provides a calculated range of 800 ft. It is equipped with an automatic loading system holding 20 boards and is powered by a 500 cubic inch Eldorado engine.
It has since been modified to discharge 2x4s at 200mph.
Track Robot
The Track Robot, similar to the devices used by police and military to de-fuse explosives, and the Button Panel machine with flailing arms, were constructed for the Japan event at the ICC. Using a tetherless control and video transmission system the Track Robot can be operated remotely through a standard internet browser window. The Button Panel device can relay control signals through a serial port to other machines.
This remote controlled, box-shaped, wheeled machine is used for grabbing and shaking objects with its gripping jaw. Made in 1992.
Running Machine
An elegantly designed six-legged, remote-controlled machine that walks at approx. 5-6 mph with a manipulator arm with various attachments such as claws, stabbing knives, etc.
Six feet tall and 12 feet in diameter this machine weighs in at 2 tons. It uses four large aircraft tires and has a 50 HP engine driving a hydraulic rotor and brake system. Status: Under Construction.
Large, remote-controlled wheeled machine moves with either a crabbing or inching motion, and has a large vertical jaw mounted on the front that can grab and carry props.
Screw Machine
The Screw Machine is a radio-controlled machine driven via a complex chained gear system. Its wheels are smaller metal wheels threaded around cylinders similar to the threads in a screw, hence the name.
Dual Mules
2 Master Mover tugs normally used for moving industrial materials, connected by a steel beam. It is radio controlled and has an unusual, slow-moving gait where one tug follows the other.
A typical military bomb loader typically used for loading ammunition onto aircraft, the SRL version is radio-controlled and various attachments are added in place of military weapons or ammunition, such as the Hand-O-God and for this show, Mr. Satan.
Stu Walker
6 legged walker controlled by a guinea pig. Most likely the first animal controlled robot used in a performance.
Other Machines seen at SRL Shows
Subjugator (Christian Ristow)  
Tesla Coil (Greg Leyh)  
Triangle Machine (Chip Flynn)  
Flame Tornado and Spinner(Kevin Binkert)  
Older Machines and Props
Mr. Satan


Video footage of machine testing 1999-2000

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