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Pitching Machine Work In Progress

Arguably the most dangerous machine ever fabricated at SRL. Going by the inoccuous title of the Pitching Machine, this device launches 6 foot 2"x4"s at a velocity of 120 m.p.h.. This provides a calculated range of 800 ft. It is equipped with an automatic loading system holding 20 boards and is powered by a 500 cubic inch El Dorado engine.

One of the machines with a corresponding web interface coded by Karen Marcelo. Read about the development here.

A successful test of the Pitching machine was recently conducted in the SRL yard. The target was a .125 inch thick (one eight inch or 3.18 mm) steel plate 9 by 12 feet wide. 2 by 4 boards 6 ft in length were used. 10 ft boards were also fired, as were groups of 2 foot boards. Complete penetration of the plate occurred at board speeds of 110 mph in 6 foot boards. Boards also exhibited a tendency to explode into splinters above 100 mph. Accuracy and repeatability was excellent. Testing of the autoloader mechanism, (capable of firing two 6 foot boards a second), and the remote control systems (both radio and internet), will occur soon.

Pitching Machine Testing 10.03.1999:

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Footage and images by Mark Pauline

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Footage of old engine destruction and test of improved Pitching Machine

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Pitching Machine In the Making

3D Model of Pitching Machine (VRML)

You will need a VRML browser to view this. Most users of Windows MS IE 5 will be prompted to install Worldview 2.1 when a VRML file is accessed. For users of other Windows browsers, the following installers are available below: Alternatively check the Official Web3D Consortium website for downloads of other VRML browsers such as Blaxxun or Cortona or maybe even Mac VRML browsers!

Once youve installed a VRML browser you may view the 3D Pitching Machine.

Many thanks to John Klima for modelling the Pitching Machine and converting to VRML

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