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6 flags over hell

Photo blog surrounding events leading to and just soon after Survival Research Lab's San Jose show August 11 2006. This is our largest, no-holds barred, permitted show in the Bay Area in about a decade. The show is unofficially known as 6 Flags Over Hell until Mark blesses it with the usual SRL long title for big shows. Dante's Inferno is the theme for the show

Saturday, July 22, 2006

More Ralf Boards, Machine Shuffling, Pooping Baby Demo

It's 103 degree heat at the shop today. Lots of topless men moving machines around. Mark Pauline shows Michael Shiloh the new Futaba for the Dual Mules.

The geek squad goes off for slight board modifications and coding (Michael Shiloh, Dave Johnson and Karen Marcelo:

Outside, the rest of the crew shuffle large machinery around so we can bring out the Big Walker! The Shockwave Cannon loaded on Mark's truck:

Courtney Sexton's got BALLZ! John Rogers moves the Kimric Tug out of the way:

Sam and John Rogers move the Large Flameblower out of the way. Next Mark asks for a dolly to roll the Big Walker out. John offers mark the dolly. But it is a burnt, headless dolly.

Mark shows me how son Jake is pretty much potty trained and this is how he does it. Brand new father, Jon Sarriugarte joins in with the pooing baby demonstration:

Crew Meeting and Walking the Roaches

Mark Pauline kicks off this week's crew meeting with a warning not to put 800 pounds of Dual Mule on top of plastic sawhorses from Chinatown rated for 200 pound loads, and to always come get him when in doubt. 10 years Burning Man experience does not qualify. har.

Another fine spread for the crew from Amy Miller who whips up this stuff in her RV!

Peter Luka demonstrates his Roaches in action. He's making 100 of them (or as many as he can) to unleash them like a plague on the machines at the show to be trampled. They use windshield wiper motors. He and Liam take one out for a walk:

More injuries amongst the crew! Greg Jones' fingers were used to stop a drill press from spinning! Kevin Mathieu works on the Pitching Machine

12 Year 6-Barrel Shockwave Cannon Slumber and the Canadian Radio Board Wars

Something that hasn't been pulled out in 12 years is the 6-Barrel Shockwave Cannon last run at the Doom Show in 1994! Kimric Smythe and Gxaoui pulled it out last night:

No SRL machine is complete without that *distressed* look. Here Mark and Joanne hose and grind off the last of that bright yellow:

A new prop was made. The cyclops has been neutered and the pegasus head was swapped into the cyclop's body to make a sort of reverse Sagitarrian torso. When we put it on the horse's body then it'll be a centaur.

Uncovered in the Book of PC Radio Boards from the SRL Bible, was an ancient papyrus circa 1990s chronicling one of the battles in the War of the Canadians.

Click to view more clearly

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Big Walker Test Run #2, Dante's Inferno

Thanks to Violet Blue we have some footage of the Big Walker being tested by Eric Paulos Monday night. Here, it is run by new operators Peter Luka and Courtney Sexton and here, it is up on blocks so it can walk in place!

Eric ran the this for the first time in 9 years last week and it started right up. Both the Big Walker and Large Flameblower hadn't been started since Austin '97 and it will be a treat for the crew to see these machines in action again after so long.

Dual Mule Part Making

Even the Marvel saw was taking about an hour to cut thick metal piece in two!

So Bob Taylor holds up other round things out of boredom

Mark Pauline's serious about getting work done though

Catman SRL's scrap metal and miscellaneous 'obtainium' supplier has been MIA since April.

We're using some awesome Divine Comedy images by Gustave Dore from the late 1800s courtesy of image archive as lit backdrops.