Mark Pauline's Rocket Motor Accident

In 1982 Mark was working with a rocket motor that exploded in front of him. He was rushed to the hospital where his hand was 'repaired' by taking some toes and some skin off his back and adding them to his hand.

Aside from the occasional "funny" modified work gloves around the shop, and the look of surprise on peoples' faces when Mark shakes their hand, you'd never know there was anything 'missing'!

RE/Search interview with Mark Pauline on how he blew up his right hand.


Shrapnel from the rocket motor casing that's been deeply embedded in this pole that is currently used to hang the Hand O God. Luckily none of this ricochet'd at Mark!

Mark today more productive than the typical non-injured SRL crew member:

Shrapnel and image of Mark Pauline taken by Karen Marcelo