SRL at Extreme Futurist Fest 2012:

Extreme Futurist Festival
December 22, 2012 (approximately 9:30pm)
451 S. Beaudry Street
Los Angeles, CA


Ticket Info

Tickets to the XFF festival here. VIP tickets to the entire festival and the SRL show ($70), SRL show only ($35).


Related Events: XFF Pre-party and Fundraiser and dorkbotSF Nov 30 2012 at RallyPad SF


Video shot and edited by Steve Bage:


Images and Video:

Pre-show Images:

SRL Pre-show in LA 1
Pre-show in LA Images from Karen Marcelo
Pre-show in LA Images from Jon Alloway
Pre-show in LA Images from Marla Aufmuth
Pre-show in LA Images from V. Vale
Pre-show Images from Kevin Mathieu
Pre-show Images in LA from Eddie Codel
Pre-show Pix in Petaluma
dorkbotSF + XFF Fundraiser for SRL show


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