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The Arbitrary Calculation
Pathological Amusement


23 December 1999


6:30 pm Tokyo time / 1:30am PST


Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan

A few more SRL firsts occured at this show:
  • First time Americans have been allowed to detonate explosives in downtown Tokyo since World War II
  • First time a SRL robot is tele-operated unsupervised over the web by non-SRL crew at a full-scale show

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SRL Terrorizes Narita Airport


SRL will be performing several events in conjunction with NTT/ICC to be held at the ICC and at Yoyogi Park from December 18 1999-December 23 1999.

Most up to date and authoratative information about any upcoming SRL show will appear first on this WWW site. To avoid regulatory difficulties, we cannot answer e-mail or phone calls regarding upcoming shows until we are ready. Please check back with this site for the most recent information. Do *NOT* contact SRL or SRL people about information, location, tickets, etc. Information will appear on this web site when it can be disclosed.

W E B   O P E R A T E D   M A C H I N E S
This event will include SRL tele-operation of the Air Launcher, the Pitching Machine, and the Track Robot.

Using the interface to operate these machines over the web requires Windows98 or Windows NT, a web browser with Java 1.1.8 or later enabled (Netscape 4.5 or later or MS Internet Explorer 4.01 or later) and NetMeeting as well as the necessary hardware to receive audio and video and send audio.

Webcast of the event as well as prior scheduled web operation of SRL machines will be announced when appropriate. Please download either Real Player G2 or Windows Media Player.

Please check this site for the most recent and up to date information about these events.