Special Showcase from SRL at Zero1 Event

Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA
July 10 2015

Zero1 Art Ignites Innovation Event at the Computer History Museum

Mountain View, CA


Last week at SRL we asked the question, "What would a machine think was funny 100 years from now?" This is the answer.


SRL stages a live re-enactment of Karl Sims evolved virtual creatures featuring The Spine Robot as the "Master Programmer" and the SRL 3D Remote Telepresence Track Robot playing the part of the "mutation algorithm". Offspring Population (see below) by Mark Pauline and Kimric Smythe. Offspring Imagist Karen Marcelo. With Special Guest Stars "Flying Tiger Packer with Head". July 10 2015 at the Computer History Museum for the Art Ignites Innovation fundraiser event for Zero1

Crew credits:

  • Mark Pauline - founder, director, Spine Robot operator
  • Amy Critchett - MC and Trucker Babe Load In/Out operator
  • Karen Marcelo - offspring images, Track Robot operator, photographer
  • Kimric Smythe - Offspring creator
  • Babalou - Shop assistance, Code DNA Spewing Head operator, photographer
  • Doug Sutton - Code DNA Spewing Head operator
  • Steve Bage - Video
  • Eddie Codel - Drone Video
  • Kevin Mathieu - Photographer



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Photo credits: Karen Marcelo, Babalou, Kevin Mathieu



NEW Edit from Steve Bage



Videos from Eddie Codel:

Video from Steve Bage: