Gear Modifiers

*Complete* list of donors forthcoming - pick one to support!
  • Jon Sarriugarte (Form and Reform)
  • Kal Spelletich
    My Gear will be a maze with rolling globes and, well, be confusing and alive.

    I met Todd around 1991 or so at the SRL compound. He helped me navigate SRL and my first solo show in Europe in 1999 AND when I started teaching at SF State. He is a light, a beacon, a star and a flamethrower in my life.

  • The Flaming Lotus Girls
  • Shipyard Labs
  • Taara Hoffman
  • The Jenkins: (Amy and Brian)
    Our gear celebrates the most important meal of the day: Breakfast. We've wined and dined many fine times with our pals Todd and Alex. Looking forward to many more hours in the kitchen together, and out in the world finding the best things to eat and drink.
  • Eddie Codel
  • Anu Vikram and Stephan Vladimir Bugaj
  • Amy Critchett, JakeEddie and Mark Pauline
  • Beau Takahara, Wanda Webb, Michela Pilo
  • Schultz and Carol
    It's a rusty old gear. May have come off a farm in Kansas or Nebraska. Got a do-hickey on it that moves, sometimes. It's a lot like Todd. It has sure takin' a lickin', but keeps on tickin'. And it goes round and round. The teeth on it remind us folks of how we are all connected to him. One small move by one tooth and they all move. Like the joy we feel as he heals.
  • Laurel True
    Laurel has been exploring the use of asphalt as a mosaic medium in her artwork lately and plans to incorporate this in her set of twin gears she will create for Todd and Alex's Gear Wall. She will also use mirror and glass as symbols of love, reflection and the inner beauty that describes both of these incredible people.

  • Fringe Exhibitions (Susan Joyce)
    The gear will be dipped in zinc and engraved with all the artists names that have had shows at fringe from 2006-2008. my first encounter with todd was working on the SRL show at POST in Los Angeles on July 6, 2002
  • Darwin Stephenson
  • Slim
  • Kimric Smythe
  • Shannon O'Hare
    Shannon's gear is called the Todd Blair Nickelodeon. Inspired by Victorian science fiction, this gear, built by the Neverwas Haul crew, will be a nickelodeon animated device powered by the kinetic movement of the other gears on the Wall. An animation showing the gears inside a cartoon head (that looks surprisingly a lot like Todd Blair) will be happily churning away as the gear moves. Our design was inspired by Todd's resilient efforts to regain his brain function and serve as an image of how all the other gears are necessary to help move him forward in his recovery.

    The materials will be brass, copper, bronze, antique castings, and, of course, the aluminum gear base. All the materials were repurposed stock from the Neverwas supply of eclectic devices.

  • Penny Hurban, Penny Jennings, Gwenn Carter and Terre Logsdon
  • Charlie Gadeken
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