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RE/Search: JG Ballard's CONVERSATIONS Book Release Party


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Images from Scott Beale

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  • 20-minute Panel with Mark Pauline and Graeme Revell, moderated by V. Vale. Q&A after.
  • Also present will be S.F. writer Maya Devereux, whose interview with J.G. Ballard appears in the new book.
  • "Art On the Walls": large photographs and blow-ups from the book on the west wall; the east wall will feature Survival Research Laboratories blow-ups from the Los Angeles 4-2-05 show, and more. Photographers (SM Gray, Charles Gatewood) will be present to answer questions and chat. Ana Barrado herself has promised to fly in from Florida for this evening, and some gorgeous vintage prints by her will be for sale. The new Ballard books may be autographed by Mark Pauline, Graeme Revell, Maya Devereux, V. Vale and the Photographers...
  • All the RE/Search backlist will be available at discounted prices, and rare, hard-to-find SRL videos, T-shirts, calendars, etc will be for sale.
  • Video projection of latest SRL show, Los Angeles, 4-2-05
  • Slide projections by Charles Gatewood
  • Ballardian music will be played/curated by DJ Mike Ryan, assistant editor of the RE/Search J.G. BALLARD QUOTES book.
  • The evening will include an itinerant SRL "machine demonstration" organized by Mark Pauline, founder of Survival Research Laboratories