1994 San Francisco Show

Sickening Episodes of Widespread Devastation
Accompanied by Sensations of Pleasurable Excitement

Survival Research Laboratories' first full-scale San Francisco performance in five years took place on Saturday, May 28th 1994. The site for the SF show was located at the end of 20th Street in San Francisco. Portions of the show were filmed by CBS "America Tonight" and aired for 15 minutes on the 1st Tuesday on July. An article also appeared in the SF Weekly

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Below are video clips of Survival Research Laboratories machines in action. Currently only MPEG format is available. MPEG files are available in two sizes depending upon your processing speed and the bandwith of your network connection. The clips all have the same content but the larger files have a larger display size. However, this will soon be extended to Quicktime. New files will be added from time to time.


Below are audio files of Survival Research Laboratories machines in action recorded by SRL sound designer
Jupitter-Larsen. These recordings are for PRIVATE USE ONLY and are not intended for release in part or whole. If you are caught using these recordings for publication or profit you will be sorry. New files will be added from time to time. Sounds are all in Apple's Audio IFF format and should be played back at 22.3 kHz. Address all inquiries about SRL sound to: GX Jupitter Larssen


I remind you that if you are caught using these images for publication or profit even in the form presented here, you will be sorry. To obtain rights for use of full resolution color versions contact
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