Running Machine

A six-legged affair made in 1992 powered by a small gas engine, a Vickers piston pump and a wicked looking chain drive. A moving, articulated arm on the front of the machine carries a cutter which severs cables, or can be interchanged by a stabbing knife, claws, etc. With a top speed of 6mph, this is the fastest leg-powered machine in the world. It has the longest range, about 40 miles. Mark Pauline got the idea for the drive from articles on Hughes' gatling gun loading system. They were having problems making parts strong enough to handle the high peak loads of moving ammo at 600 rounds/sec and still small enough to fit into an aircraft system. Mark realized this was the same problem machines with legs had. Peak loads make the linkages fail and limit the speed the legs can move. The chain drive Mark came up with is reliable, runs for hours and because the chains are strong, is efficient.

Fuel load: 4 gallons; gasoline

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