The Big Walker was damaged pretty badly at the San Jose Show in 2006. A large motorized prop structure made by John Rogers and Joanne Bloomfield was set on fire by the V-1. It looked really cool and wasn't causing much damage until the line from the gas tank melted, spilling burning gasoline under the machine. In addition, the Walker got tangled up in the Shaker which was stalled by a blast from the V-1 and broke the rear leg chain.

Damage included:
Broken rear leg chain.
Badly burned wiring on the controller and the engine.
Burned hydraulic lines.
Other unknown damage.

Today I worked with Michael. We started fixing up the hydro lines, replacing all the bur ned ones with nice shiny new lines an fittings.

- Mark Pauline
March 2010

Me and Greg Jones got the Big Walker started and the hydraulic systems working. This allowed the legs to be centered and retracted. Next is making a frame for t he dollies and moving the machine outside to carbon arc the old prop off of the top.

-Mark Pauline
May 7 2010