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Alan Kelley's eagerly awaited edit of a SRL produced show in the Bay Area held on an empty parking lot off Beale Street at the foot of the Bay Bridge. The show revolves around the many humorous aspects of violent human interaction. Also included in the video are footage from the Wired anniversary party and the SRL Halloween Trick where the V1 was operated in front of the Roxie Theater and several other machines and props operated by SRL members on Minna Street. Includes footage of Mark Pauline being detained by the SFPD for questioning on the device ignited on 16th Street...










The Austin event ( March 28, 1997), was the largest ever mounted outside of SF to date. The venue itself was a 1/4 mile oval racetrack with fixed seating for 4500 persons, located just south of Austin. An assortment of unusual prop and set elements were built and used to fill the 500' long area inside the oval track. Among the items in this spectacular backdrop were, a 30 ft hydraulically actuated boat disaster prop, a 35' high triangular tower with an entire cow spiked on a rotating spit, a Black Cat fireworks stand filled with assorted explosives, the ultra tacky Clown Box, the Bubba Crane, (a junkyard drop crane, rigged to drop a 60's era- dune buggy from a height of 25' over and over again), and for a distinctly local flavor, a 1/2 scale replica of the University Tower, site of the Charles Whitman massacre, was constructed and used as the set centerpiece. Several new devices were debuted for this event including the Large Shock Wave Cannon, (a 4x scaled version of smaller, window shattering designs), the Boeing Jet / Flame Whistle, and the Hand-O-God, (which was mounted on the Bomb Loader). New contributions from the People Hater crew included the Coffin Bot and the Tractorbot. As show time arrived, a record breaking 4700 people passed through the gates. Festivities began with a blistering run around the track by Deszo in the Jet Cart. The mayhem commenced with the Big Arm dashing a puppet motorcyclist to the ground while the Bubba
Winch proceeded to obliterate the Dune Buggy. Crew members commenced to fire parachute flares in the air, 60 in all (some of these ignited fires in the surrounding wooded areas when they failed to extinguish themselves before landing). Machines jockeyed for position as the Large Shock Wave Cannon proceeded to brutalize the audience, literally knocking them around in the stands for the entire show. The V-1 emerged and wound its way to the Spiked Cow, where it proceeded to roast the carcass. Christians Subjugator perpetrated spectacular mayhem on the Boat Disaster Prop as the Clown Box suffered the indignation's of the Meter maid Cart and its Flameballs. As the action raged, and machines slipped slowly into disrepair, the Flame Whistle and the V-1 set enormous fires that engulfed numerous most of the set elements including the University Tower Prop and the Carnival Tent. With the unforgettable collapse of the 55' Tower, machine activity eventually ground to a halt...
32 min runtime. Retail $25.00


On Jan. 9, 1996, SRL staged a small indoor event in SF which was sponsored by Wired Magazine. It was held in conjunction with their Macworld party and took place in the Red Room at the Sound Factory. An assortment of stationary devices, such as the Finger, with its spinning-split titanium sphere, the Air Launcher, Christians pneumatic Claw, People Hater's Dual Picture Slamming Machines, etc. assaulted each other and whomever in the audience cared (or dared) to venture into the bulletproof plastic-covered parlor room. On the floor, a Swarmer with a spinning

mummified dog head paraded about, as a mechanized survivalist hermit occasionally burst from his shack and sprayed the room with automatic gun fire, responding violently to disturbances such as the Rail Gun which showered his abode with molten metal. Greg Leyh operated his electrostatic discharge machine, to the annoyance of much of the viewing public, and the Spinner bellowed from various points around the basement.

On November 28th, 1995, SRL staged the "Crime Wave" show in a lot at 500 Beale St. in San Francisco. In order to avoid regulatory interference, this show was discreetly promoted. No information regarding the location of the event was given to the public or even to most SRL members until 24 hours prior to show time. Notification was either via the SRL internet site at or by voice mail. Even so, approximately 2500 people showed up for SRL's first event in SF in over a year. And what an event it was, staged under the balconies of some of SF's finest condominiums, adjacent to the Bay bridge, the setting was spectacular. The props used in the show were based on images of crime culled from the popular imagination. The centerpiece of the show was a huge hydraulically activated victim figure, bound and gagged, and writhing helplessly as the chaos surrounding it was played out. A trio of ridiculous, life size animatronic criminal figures moved on a track around a revolving glass door, symbolizing the vicious circle of incarceration and release. On the hills bounding the show site, the Party Jail, a large faux stone shack with an illuminated, flashing Party sign, held two life size marionette, locked in furious anal sex activities. Four Unabomber puppets observed the event from their perches on the hillside, and were launched into the air by powder charges as the show progressed. Plain paper wrapped packages in their hands exploded when they reached a predetermined height. ( For reference purposes, the show took place 60 yards from SF's main post office). Two computer controlled fighting guys mounted on a sliding rail, lamely beat each other throughout the show with knives and clubs. Numerous additional stationary devices added their intensities, including the Air Catapult, Catapult, Large Flame Blower, Shock Box, Spark Shooter, Teleoperated Air Launcher, and the Flame Balls. Six mobile machines, including the Running Machine, Drunken Master, Triangle Machine, Bomb Loader, One Night Robot, and the Forklift mounted Jet Flame blower, marauded about the show area, in every case, relentlessly performing until the bitter end when the Street Sweeper ( a full sized street sweeper, painted black and fitted with a jet powered, rotating helicopter blade), burst onto the scene and proceeded to decimate the remaining population......45 min runtime $ 25.00 Retail






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