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6 flags over hell

Photo blog surrounding events leading to and just soon after Survival Research Lab's San Jose show August 11 2006. This is our largest, no-holds barred, permitted show in the Bay Area in about a decade. The show is unofficially known as 6 Flags Over Hell until Mark blesses it with the usual SRL long title for big shows. Dante's Inferno is the theme for the show

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

11 More Days Till Show Time!

We are getting close to Load Out! Kimric Smythe has attached the 6-Barrelled Shockwave Cannon to his Tug and is armorizing it. The hood ornament will be something really protective like a baby's head.

Michael Shiloh tries to take apart this lovely little retro-Flash Gordon motor for the Conveyor Belt to Hell. Of course he can't do it by himself so Chris Bohren and Terry Barsoom demonstrate the Russian Dance method of taking old motors apart:

Babalou, David Calkins, and Simone Davalos Security Crew:

Some machines pulled out:


Running Machine

Jaws which was last seen in face-off with the Inchworm in the movie Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief
This robot was driven by Stu Mark's guinea pig. The only animal trained to operate a SRL machine

The Air Launcher

Pitching Machine Ammo


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