Pre-Show Videos

Spine Robot test
Mark Pauline and a midnight oil burning night-shift crew got the Spine Robot going around 3am the night before the show at SRL HQ in Petaluma

Machines are walked out of the shop and onto the truck.
Mark Pauline operates the Running Machine and Dual Mule into the staging area to be loaded on to the truck. John Roger's demonstrates how some of the tools can be used.

Liam and Rich's Stick Wheel robot built at the Shipyard
Liam McNamara and Rich's Stick Wheel robot uses one of those cheap and durable "A computer for every child" laptops as a controller.

The Motoman is rigged with a baseball bat and fights Mark Pauline
Geo Homsy makes a baseball bat gripper and attaches the bat to the robot, Karen Marcelo re-codes the Motoman with hostile baseball bat behavior, finally Mark Pauline fights the Motoman as a test of its strength

Making the Gripper for the Spine Robot
Mark Pauline makes the gripper for the new Spine Robot using 'special' aluminum

The SRLification of an Industrial Robot Pt. II
Temporary props are made for target practice

The SRLification of an Industrial Robot Pt. I
Mark Pauline and Karen Marcelo SRL-ify a Motoman for the show. The robot was originally used in the movie Paycheck with Ben Affleck and for testing prosthetic elbow joints on cadaver arms.