SRL Crew for An Explosion of Ungovernable Rage

Machine Operators:

Mark PaulineSpine Robot
Geo HomsyRunning Machine
Kimric SmytheBug Bot
Karen MarceloMotoman
Greg LeyhDual Mules
The Anonymous Big Arm OperatorBig Arm
Liam McNamaraStick Wheel Robot
Mike Wehner, Phil SanchezSpine Robot
John RogersTri-Horn
Christopher BrooksAir Raid Siren
Shannon O'HareRobot with Ass
Kevin MathieuHorn


Production / Fabrication:

Mark PaulineDirector / Founder, *everything*
The Kiwi Earthquake GuyAll around work on the Spine Robot, Motoman, Running Machine
Karen MarceloMotoman Coding, Web, Photo Crew, Thomas Kincaid's Old Printer
Ian WilliamsonInteractive Video Installation, Video Crew
Brian NormanlyPrecision Forklift Operation, Gypsy Sparky & coyote wrangler
BabalouProduction Manager / Video Crew
Christopher BrooksSpine Robot
Chris Bohren*everything*
John Rogers*everything*
Roger CarrSpine Robot, Motoman
Liam McNamaraSpine Robot, Motoman, Stick Wheel Robot
Jason McLeanCoyote Ugly Man, coyote wrangling
Joe CritchettCoyote Ugly Man
Bob TaylorPartial Observer
Phil Sanchez*everything*
Geo HomsyRunning Machine, Motoman
Peter LukaSpine Robot
Kevin MathieuProps


Many thanks also to: Troy Thomas, Tom Dell,, Julian Laplace, Mr. Where, Kevin Binkert, Nina Alter, Chris Seguine, Rita Roti, Beau Ambur, Ami Sun, Pierre Jasmin, Sam Coniglio, Neil Girling, Zeke Perezdiez, many more...