Survival Research Labs: Shows: Tim North Benefit

Tim North Benefit


MUSIC AND PERFORMANCE - on the BODYDRUM Stage, front gallery space

7:00-7:30 Thomas Dimuzio - vibrations and velocities of the environment
7:30-7:55 The Hot Dog Party Playboys - Irreverent bunker rock
7:55-8:45 Art Auction
8:45-9:00 Peoplehater - infamous noise/robotic ensemble
9:00-9:35 Film Premier of Pounding on Deaf Ear Drums v.02A
9:40-9:55 David Therrien (Comfort Control Systems) performs BodyDrum with Scot Jenerik)
10:00-10:25F-Space (Scot Jenerik, Ethan Port of Savage Republic, Joel Connell of Man is the Bastard and Aleph of Chrome) - pyro maniacal percussive explosion
10:30-11:10 Special Sauce with the amazing Blaise Smith, Bond Bergland (The Brain, Saqqara Dogs, Factrix) and Desmond Shea (Trial, Rhythm&Noise, the National Curiosity Company)
11:10- More Video!!


7:00-8:15 DJ V o r d o (The Abstrakt Zone) experimental electronica and dance grooves
8:10-8:55 Gooferman - (Voodoo Lounge) chop hop funky live electronica band with hip hop mentality
8:55-10:15 - DJ Vordo rocks us on into the evening
10:15-10:45 Naut Humon (Rhythm and Noise, Sound Traffic Control)
10:45 Barry Schwartz - electro acoustical structure
11:00 Joan Jeanrenaud - imcomparable cellist (Kronos Quartet)
11:15 Beth Custer (Clubfoot Orchestra, Dona Luz 30 Besos, Transmission, Eighty Mile Beach, the Beth Custer ensemble)
11:30-12:45 Alex Theory (Mystic Vibration) world groove electronica with live intstrumentation
12:45-2:00 DJ Polywog


Matt Heckert - kinetic sound installation - founding member of SRL
Mark Pauline - Pay to ride mechanical installation, Running Machine
Peoplehater - pay to play mechanical installation
Seeman - kinetic installation
Shelley Cook, installation entitled Peace Table
Eva Konig - Fire is love fire dance
X-tra Action Marching Band
Tom Phillips and Joan Carson - Pink Fuzzy Pussy Fly

VIDEOS on assorted other monitors and screens

The Hoverdrum video collection from Stephen Wahl - spanning almost a decade of performances; Hoverdrum 10/91, NYC 3/91, Din Shadow SF, Drumageddon 12/95, X-Teresa (Mexico City) 4/94, Hoverdrum Herbst Pavillion
Stacy Greene - Rorschach Striptease
Glen McKay - Altered States 1966-1999
David Therrien - comfort control
Scot Jenerik
SRL Berkeley Show
And more!


VORDO (aka Mark Jan Wlodarkiewicz) edits and designs music and sound for both feature and indy films. He is also an eclectic dj who spends most of his time screwing up other people's music in front of a computer and occasionally he does it in real time. His film credits include Romeo + Juliet, Armageddon, Wag the Dog, the Mothman Prophecies and Iara Lee's film Modulations and Synthetic Pleasures.

F-SPACE (Scot Jenerik, Ethan Port of Savage Republic, Joel Connell of Man is the Bastard and Aleph of Chrome) Scot Jenerik's pyro maniacal percussive explosion within a band format, big, heavy, ape shit overdrive, world domination kind of thing.

BETH CUSTER is a composer and musician and the proprietor of BC Records. She is a founding member of the Club Foot Orchestra, Trance Mission, Clarinet Thing, Eighty Mile Beach, Doñuz 30 Besos. She now leads The Beth Custer Ensemble. Beth is one of four recipients of this year¹s prestigious Meet The Composer Residency Grant.

JOAN JEANRNEAUD studied the cello with Peter Spurbeck, Fritz Magg and Pierre Fournier before joining the Kronos Quartet in 1978. She worked, performed and recorded with hundreds of composers and musicians before leaving Kronos in 1999 to pursue solo and collaborative projects in composition, improvisation, electronics, video and multi-disciplinary performance.

ALEX THEORY - Take a trip with a shaman of rhythm to the farthest regions of beat with this roots electronica producer from Kiev, has been blazing the live electronica frontier since the early nineties, creating live drum'n'bass, electro, and world trance grooves with dual loptops, unusual instruments, and an evolving ensemble of classically trained musicians. Theory blends a world of rhythms into an undulating ocean of sound, and pays tribute to the many ancestors of groove while dancing us into fresh territory.

GREGORY COWLEY - Gregory Cowley is a San Francisco based visual artist working in electronic projection media and performance. His tools include a variety of technologies, ranging from traditional arts and photography, to work with electronics and computer technologies. His creations most often exist as performances and time based presentations. He has explored the live performative qualities of the projected image in collaborations with dancers and other performers in theaters, underground venues, and academic gallery settings.
He has been the driving force behind theTEST:project, a collaborative performance project exploring site, sound, environment and alternative uses for multimedia technology. He is also co-curator and director of the Transcinema Electronic Media Festival, and annual digital arts event bringing together artists from around the world. He is a cofounder of 3feetofftheground ­ a motion graphics production studio and performance venue. He has cultivated long standing working relationships with San Francisco based art organizations: The Lab, 7hz, and 23five. He has a long-standing working relationship with Blasthaus, the San Francisco based art and technology organization whom with he has partnered to open a new gallery, venue and studio in downtown San Francisco.

THOMAS DENUNZIO From San Francisco has released a clutch of CD's of dark industrial/ambient sonic landscapes extracted from source materials that have been pulverized, distorted and stretched beyond recognition. A frequent collaborator, Dimuzio has performed and recorded with Chris Cutler, Fred Frith, Tom Cora, 5uu's, Dan Burke, Due Process, Scot Jenerik, DJ Q-bert, Nick Didkovsky, Coma Virus, Solid Eye, Radiosonde, Wobbly and many others. His recording, "Headlock" (ReR Megacorp), has been hailed as a modern electro-acoustic classic.

HOT DOG PARTY BOYS, This 75% human rock quartet storms the stage with Singer/Songwriter Terry Jr's inimitable Bunker Rock stylings. Tactical support provided by Erik Satre (Bass), Clint Cleveland (guitar) and veteran drum machine Rhythm55.

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