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Tim North Benefit



World Video Premier of "Pounding on Deaf Ear Drums v.02" Tim North's Hoverdrum perfomance at the XenoDrome June, 7th & 8th 2002

In addition - the premier release of Tim North's recording "T!mult" with a special Remix by DJ Vordo (limited editions for sale at event)

Also premiering:
"Landing at San Francisco MOMA" documentation of a performance at the Rebellissance Ball June 24, 2000 and the documentary "Building the Drum Machine" by Richard Gaikowski

The documentary "Building the Drum Machine" by Richard Gaikowski

The Hoverdrum video collection - spanning almost a decade of performances; Hoverdrum 10/91, NYC 3/91, Din Shadow SF, Drumageddon 12/95, X-Teresa (Mexico City) 4/94, Hoverdrum Herbst Pavillion

Out Magnanimous Master of Ceremonies - Mike Dingle

Featuring: Art Auction and raffle - an amazing collection of art for auction......All proceeds go to Tim North

Brought to you by Survival Research Labs and SomArts and a cast of amazing volunteers.........
Supported by ZeroOne: the Art and Technology Network

MUSIC - on the Bodydrum Stage

Thomas Dimuzio - vibrations and velocities of the environment
F-Space (Scot Jenerik, Ethan Port of Savage Republic, Joel Connell of Man is the Bastard and Aleph of Chrome) - pyro maniacal percussive explosion
David Therrien (Comfort Control Systems) - Body Drum
Special Sauce with the amazing Blaise Smith, Bond Bergland (The Brain, Saqqara Dogs, Factrix) and Desmond Shea (Trial, Rhythm&Noise, the National Curiosity Company)
Peoplehater - infamous noise/robotic ensemble
The Hot Dog Party Playboys - Irreverent bunker rock


DJ V o r d o (The Abstrakt Zone)
Naut Humon (Rhythm and Noise, Sound Traffic Control)
Alex Theory - wicked tribal bass grooves
Joan Jeanrenaud - incomparable cellist (Kronos Quartet)
Beth Custer (Club Foot Orchestra, Dona Luz 30 Besos, Eighty Mile Beach, the Beth Custer Ensemble)
Gregory Cowley (Testsite) - electronic projection media and performance
Barry Schwartz - electro-mechanical structures


SRL - Run the Running Machine
Matt Heckert - kinetic soundinstallation - founding member of SRL
Peoplehater - pay to play mechanical installation
Seeman - kinetic installation
Shelley Cook
Eva Konig - Fire is love
X-tra Action Marching Band
Tom Phillips and Joan Carson - Pink Fuzzy Pussy Fly

VIDEOS on assorted other monitors and screens

Stacy Greene - Rorschach Striptease
Glen McKay - Altered States 1966-1999
David Therrien - comfort control
Scot Jenerik
SRL Berkeley Show
And more!

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