Survival Research Labs: Shows: Tim North Benefit

Tim North Benefit


Items from the following will be available for auction. All proceeds go directly to the North family. Items are $5-$500.

Form and Reform



Union Street Glass

Dolce Mia

Pamela Palma

Triangle Studio

Pots for the Soul

Teleo Introductory Set and a MAX/MSP and Jitter worth $1100
From MakingThings and an Anonymous Donor

Samantha Fields

Lise Swenson

A mechanized mummy called the "Bucking/Spitting Cat" which is fabricated from a mummified cat, latex, cloth, human hair, shellac, electric motor, springs and cable. It was part a a performance/installation Mark Pauline, Eric Werner and Matt Heckert did at the club AREA in NYC for their ART month in May 1985.
From Matt Heckert

Art work from:

  • samantha fields/andre yi
  • sant k.
  • alison foshe
  • brian boyer
  • ed giardina
  • carrie ungerman
  • catya plate
  • kathryn vandyke
  • sian oblak
  • emily wilson
  • Dobee Snowber
  • Sarah Filley

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