Austin Show Wish List

** Please read and see if you can help **

Besides the usually list of items that compose a show, SRL is in need to a few special pieces of electronic hardware. The hope is that via the WWW some individual/company will allow us to borrow this equipment for the show in Austin in March. SRL crew will be on site as early as 13 March and we would like to obtain as many of the items as possible by then. We are more than happy to give credit where credit is due.

Rather than have yet another net-broadcast, SRL will be allowing for the first time, remote users to control one or more small pieces of SRL equipment. We will need alot of help to make this come together as we will need the bandwidth to support this. We would like to have some passive live feed as well (which will also serve as a fallback position if problems occur with the machine control portion of the system). Therefore, any help with configuring computers, routers, etc. as well as the s/w to support this is needed. Most of this work can be done over the phone before we arrive at Austin, insuring that the network will be in place when we arrive. However, much work can be done now and tested at the shop.

If you can help with any of the following send mail directly to:

Eric Paulos (

Items we need:

  • ISDN routing equipment (prefer Ascend Pipeline 50)
  • Any computers that we can use while in Austin especially ones with video frame grabbers.
  • Any TV tuners we can use while in Austin (UHF/VHF)

    Help we need:

  • Need help in arranging for ISDN line at Speedway location.
  • Need a dedicated ISP in the Austin area with (1) decent connection to rest of internet, (2) ISDN support, (3) multicast enabled, (4) a few people that can help us there to setup and test our equipment.
  • Plans are likely to include hardware for support of a high speed wireless ethernet connection. To make this work we must have the network connection to some loaction that it within 15 miles direct line-of-sight from Longhorn Speedway. If you know of any ISP that would be line of site to the speedway we can do this.
  • Use of machine and someone to setup and run a realaudio server