Scam Alert

Scam artists are attempting to screw SRL's good name. The Funky Techno Tribe released posters the week of May 19th claiming that SRL would be performing at a rave they are holding this weekend (Sat May 25th). This is a scam! These people never contacted SRL in this instance or any other. They are seeking to profit by using the SRL name to increase ticket sales, which at $20 are twice what SRL charges for its full blown events. When contacted by SRL, the promoters claimed a "mistake" was made and refused to offer any reasonable remedy.

There are three individuals involved in this scam. Their names are Hector, Gerry, and Kevin. For those SRL supporters wanting to have a word to these persons, you may reach Hector and Kevin at (415) 921-4073. Gerry Sleduski can be reached at (415) 997-0821. Advance ticket sales are at Housewares in SF at 252-1440 and In tha Mix in Sacramento at (916) 442-0499. SRL fans are encouraged to contact these outlets and request that tickets not be sold.