Survival Research Labs: Press Kit

SRL Press Kit

Over 60 articles, angry letters, weird stuff, Bible Burn press, etc. Articles run the gamut from intelligent reporting to distorted smear campaigns, you decide.

Adobe's Acrobat Reader is required to view the presskit. The SRL Press Kit was created for our convenience. We leave it as an excercise to the reader to be able to enlarge, rotate, or otherwise make it possible to read its contents online.
The PressKit is also available in high quality, color copy for purchase..

DIY Options

Download the entire kit (108 pages in 11 PDFs) Windows Zip file (121mb)
Download the entire kit (108 pages in 11 PDFs) Unix Tar file (121mb)

View the Press Kit in Parts

Press Kit Part 1 (9mb)
Bizarre, Machine Design
Press Kit Part 2 (10mb)
Machine Design continued, New Art Examiner, Web Review, Texas Monthly
Press Kit Part 3 (2mb)
1980 - 1989, Slash, ArtForum, etc
Press Kit Part 4 (12mb)
Art Beat, Wired, SFWeekly
Press Kit Part 5 (31mb)
HotWired, SF Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post
Press Kit Part 6 (24mb)
Talking Raven, High Performance, SF Weekly, SF Chronicle
Press Kit Part 7 (22mb)
Whole Earth Review, Scientific American, NY Times, Splash, Bruce Sterling (World Design Conference), Bible Burn stories, Artpark
Press Kit Part 8 (7mb)
Artpark, SF Chronicle, various foreign newspapers and journals
Press Kit Part 9 (2.5mb)
Unusual letters, stupid stories, emails, SRL and the FBI, SF Examiner
Press Kit Part 10 (10mb)
Unusual letters, email continued
Press Kit Part 11 (4.5mb)
Video 80, SF Chronicle, more unusual letters, email, faxes etc.

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