Jan - Mar 2003

2003 March 25

Benefit for Tim North

A brilliant night of Music, Art-auction, Videos from local, national and international artists and the much anticipated release of The Official SRL Nudie Calendar - all for the remarkable Tim North who was recently diagnosed with Level 4 stomach cancer.
Tuesday, March 25
7 p.m. to 2 a.m.
door $10 - $10,000 sliding scale
SomArts Gallery
934 Brannan
San Francisco, CA 94103

This is an evening to raise cash for Tim North and his family in time of real need.

Brought to you by Survival Research Labs , SomArts and a cast of amazing volunteers.........

Supported by ZeroOne: the Art and Technology Network

2003 March 24

Monday, March 24th from 10:00pm to 2:00am Nozmo King presents a four hour special on the life and music of drummer/producer, Timothy North. On KFJC 89.7 FM

KFJC - The Scourge of the Southbay - 89.7 FM

will present a four hour special on Monday March 24th on the life and music of drummer/producer, Timothy North. In 1986 North created the Hoverdrum, a massive percussion instrument. Standing at more than 10 feet tall and suspended in air, the Hoverdrum is at once a kinetic sound sculpture, interactive musical instrument and object d'arte.

Timothy North was a member of Naut Humon's Rhythm&Noise and later Sound Traffic Control. He has collaborated with many West Coast machine/sound sculpture artists including Chico MacMurterrie, Barry Schwartz, Peoplehater and O'Vertigo Danse.

He helped produce soundtracks for Survival Research Laboratories and has made guest appearances with Crash Worship and Psychic TV. He has recorded with Blaise Smith, Amber Asylum, Scot Jenerik, Beth Custer, Sky Saxon as well as his own solo material.

Timothy North's most recent project is Sauce of the Future, featuring vocalist/songwriter Susan Maunu with guest appearances by Desmond Shea (Trial, Rhythm&Noise), Bond Bergland (The Brain, Saqqara Dogs, Factrix), Blaise Smith (Minimal Man), Simon Cheffins (Crash Worship) and Markus Wolff (Crash Worship).

2003 January 16

Epicenter Book Signing and Lecture

SFMOMA Museum Store
16 January 2003

Mark Pauline, Lynn Hershman, Mark Thompson artists featured in the book by Mark Johnstone and Leslie Aboud Holzman, sign the book and give a lecture.

Mark showed video clips from the Berkeley and LA shows which are now available on DVD.

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