Jan - Feb 2002

2002 March 23

PULSE JETS and a Spinning Prop will be run at a benefit party for Kiel who's thumb was re-attached by Mark Pauline's hand doctor.
WHEN: around midnight tonight
WHERE: end of Pier 33 (San Francisco)
$5-$20 sliding scale
Images here

2002 March 13

ZeroOne - The Art and Technology Network
Fuel for the engine of culture

Discourse and Disco

The Art of Extreme Robotics: Showcase for Limits of Human-Machine Interaction

ZeroOne - The Art and Technology Network is thrilled to announce a collaborative partnership with Rhizome LA. Our collective goal is to create joint events in both Northern and Southern California to continue to foster the outreach and growth of the art and technology worlds.

Please join us for the first collaborative event which inaugurates ZeroOne's Discourse and Disco series and is titled The Art of Extreme Robotics: Showcase for Limits of Human-Machine Interaction. The evening features talks by Mark Pauline, Eric Paulos, Kal Spelletich, and Kevin Binkert followed by a demonstration of some of their extraordinary work. Program curators, Karen Marcelo and Maribeth Back will moderate.

Highlighting and examining inter-machine and human-machine interactions through robotic art and performance, the featured artists will show how their work in extreme machine conceptualization, creation, and operation allows us to examine the effects of integration of machines in everyday life.

Hosted at the Sony Campus
13 March 2002
3300 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA

2002 February 24

The Art of Extreme Robotics
Mark Pauline and several veteran SRL crew will be speaking at a Rhizome lecture in LA called The Art of Extreme Robotics.
24 Feb 2002
More information here
A second lecture will occur in San Jose in early March sponsored by ZeroOne Stay tuned to this site for more details.

2002 January 14

Missed SRL in Berkeley? Wondering exactly what you missed? Come to SOMARTS Gallery this weekend and see Alan Kelley's Edit of the Dec 15th Shipyard show in Berkeley and much much more. This is a benefit for long time SRL member Amy Miller who fell from the roof of a building after the Dec 15th SRL show. She broke her hip in not one, not two, but in three places and needs your help!

Please come see "The Amy Show" at Somarts 934 Brannan St. In San Francisco, January 19 2002 at 8 PM. Admission $10-25 sliding scale.

All proceeds go to the Amy Miller 12/15 Recovery Fund.

See Peoplehater, Extra Action Marching Band, Seemen, Joan Jeanrenaud, Bunnyphonic, Kevin Binkert, GX Jupiter Larsen, Kitten on the Keys, Destroy Ape Technology, Eric Paulos, Bike Rodeo, Satellite, Vordo, Tim North, Terry Barsoom, and many others.

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